Top 10 Data Recovery Software in 2020

The most vital asset for almost every enterprise in the present times is data. Enterprises with better capabilities for using, managing, and maintaining their data can fetch better results in terms of competitive advantage. However, the demand for data recovery software has been increasing recently, thereby drawing attention to critical data-related issues. Enterprises have to deal with many threats pertaining to the integrity of data such as ransomware attacks and threats of physical damage.

Therefore, data backup and recovery have become mandatory requirements for almost every modern enterprise in present times. On the other hand, many enterprises assume data backup and recovery as the magical systems that can bring back lost data. Even though data backup and recovery have the same functionality, enterprises need to understand the basics of backup and data recovery for achieving the best possible results. 

The following discussion would provide a detailed impression of the basics of data backup and recovery. Most important of all, readers can find a comprehensive idea regarding the reasons for adopting data backup and recovery solutions. However, the most striking highlight of the following discussion would be an outline of the ten most promising data recovery tools. Apart from these details, the discussion would also focus on the benefits of data recovery for enterprises. Finally, the conclusion would present the next course of action for readers.

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Reasons to Focus on Backup and Recovery 

Before starting the discussion on data recovery software, it is important to understand data backup and recovery first. Backup and recovery collectively define the process of creating copies of data and storing them in different locations for safeguarding enterprises against loss of data. So, why should an organization face the difficulty of going through efforts for establishing complex systems for backup and recovery of data? In order to obtain the answer to this question, let us reflect on the reasons for which enterprises need backup and data recovery tools.

  • Over 50% of businesses facing cyber-attacks or breaches in information are frequently subjected to public scrutiny. Subsequently, the businesses face risks of losing brand reputation, customer trust, and customer loyalty.
  • Almost 29% of businesses that are victims of cyber attacks experienced losses in revenue. In addition, 40% of such businesses are liable to lose more than 20% of their revenue. 
  • Furthermore, almost one-quarter of the companies that face attacks or data breaches also face risks of losing critical business opportunities after the data loss event. 
  • Other than the threat of cyber attacks, enterprises also face the risks of losing data due to physical disasters. Some of the common examples of physical disasters such as fire, flood, or any natural disaster could wipe all your data while making it practically impossible to recover the data. In addition, businesses should also note the threats of thefts or even hard drive failures or any other hardware mishaps. 

Now, you can clearly notice the need of promising data recovery software for businesses. As you can see in the above-mentioned information, the loss of information places a business in an unfavorable position. However, it is reasonable to wonder whether software alone will be enough to safeguard your data. As a matter of fact, software alone is not capable enough to protect your data against unwanted loss. Enterprises need to have knowledge and expertise regarding the basics of data backup and recovery to achieve optimal functionalities of data recovery solutions. 

Understanding the Development of Backup and Recovery Systems

Any enterprise, regardless of its size, requires a data backup and recovery plan. Now, it is very important not to jump to conclusions thinking of data backup and recovery to be the same as disaster recovery. Just by creating a data backup and recovery plan, you don’t get a disaster recovery plan.

On the contrary, a backup and recovery plan is the starting of a long-term process of establishing business continuity. Therefore, a backup and data recovery plan outlines the data backup and recovery requirements of business alongside specifying the workflow that addresses those requirements. Enterprises need to understand the fundamentals of backup and recovery before they start choosing from a list of top data recovery software. 

Basic Considerations for Creating Backup and Recovery Plan

Everything starts with a plan, and so makes backup and recovery. Enterprises need a plan to start with backup and recovery, and the first concern in creating a plan is budgeting. You need to think about the funding available and possible sourcing options for implementing data protection. Establishing the budget for backup and recovery could help in determining the level of protection a business can afford.

With the budgeting done right, enterprises can start pursuing the creation of a backup plan. Every organization needs two sets of plans, one for backup and the other for data recovery. The complexity of the business would dictate the complexity of its backup and recovery plans. For example, some plans may clearly outline which data recovery software to use in specific cases.

On the other hand, certain plans can outline the methods for backup and restoration of data in one location. However, organizations can also expect complex backup and recovery needs, such as backing up particular data in specific locations. Therefore, every enterprise should start creating their backup and recovery plans after thoroughly estimating their backup and recovery needs.

Enterprises should understand the different factors that influence the structure of its data backup and recovery plans. Generally, the applications used by the business, method of data storage, and hardware used for executing applications determine the backup and recovery needs for an enterprise. Some of the other critical factors that you should take into account for creating backup and recovery plans include multiple site support, archival needs, and compliance regulations. 

  • Backup Plan

The backup plan is the basic documentation for showcasing the mechanism for initiating and completing each backup. In addition, the plan should also present a process for verifying the feasibility of restoring backups. Furthermore, the backup plan shall also provide details of processes for backup of new systems for quick restoration to a baseline configuration. One of the striking highlights of an effective backup plan is the allocation of responsibility to someone for performing backups or verifying the backup process.

  • Recovery Plan

The recovery plan is comparatively complex than just outlining the recommended data recovery software. The recovery plan has to outline the common recovery tasks such as restoring a single file, restoring an entire computer, restoring a directory, or restoring to a different location. Enterprises have to take system dependencies, and priority of system restore into account for creating their recovery plan. In addition, businesses also have to outline the authority allowed for performing recovery and the permissions required for achieving recovery. 

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List of Top 10 Data Recovery Software

Therefore, one can clearly notice the various implications of data backup and recovery. Now, it is easy to understand that backup and recovery is more than just the selection of data recovery software. However, the selection of an effective data recovery solution could ease off many troubles of backup and recovery for business. Among the many alternatives that you can find in the market, here is an outline of ten of the best professional data recovery software. Take a look to find the ideal pick for safeguarding the data of your business. 


One of the first entries in the list of top data recovery software is Commvault. Established in 1988, Commvault has over two decades of experience in data and information management. With eight consecutive years as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions, Commvault is definitely one of the first choices for data recovery software. The Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery software is the comprehensive and powerful solution for data protection you’ve been looking for! Some of the unique highlights that make Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery software the ideal choice are as follows,

  • Coverage of all your data backup and recovery needs such as cloud backup, virtualization, application and database protection, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection.
  • Comprehensive support for all types of file systems, virtual platforms, and applications.
  • Facility for replication of copies of live data in secondary locations.
  • Integration with best hardware partners for executing data snapshots and ensuring backup of operations from the snapshots.
  • Granting the ability to protecting, recovering, and sharing data with others to endpoint users.
  • Safeguards and intelligent archiving of user data stored on-premises as well as on the cloud and other user-based data repositories.
  • Additional support of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for optimization of performance, reporting anomalies, and analysis of patterns.

The Commvault Advantage is also one of the reasons to choose its data recovery software for your business. Users can find assurance for the following with the Commvault Advantage.

  • Automation of complex IT changes control processes.
  • Alignment of multi-cloud strategy with the existing data center operations.
  • Consolidation of enterprise tools for achieving comprehensive security.
  • Assurance of recovery validation for the diverse aspect of your IT environment.
  • Thorough compliance with policies of information governance. 


The SQL Server Maintenance Solution from Ola Hallengren is also one of the best professional ” SQL Server Backup, Integrity Check, and Index and Statistics Maintenance” available now. You can run backups, statistics, and index maintenance and integrity checks for different editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2016, and SQL Server 2019. The SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren is one of the top data recovery software for various reasons.

First of all, this software runs completely on pre-defined and stored procedures. The next important factor about SQL Server Maintenance Solution is that many organizations across the world in different industries use it. The credibility of the SQL Server Maintenance Solution also reflects adequately in the awards it has received. Known as the best free data recovery software, it has bagged the title of “Best Free Tool” in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 SQL Server Magazine Awards.

The comprehensive database backup functionality of SQL Server Backup and database integrity check functionality with SQL Server Integrity Check in the SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren speak of its effectiveness. Users can avail of the functionality of SQL Server backup to multiple files with SQL Server Maintenance Solution of Ola Hallengren. So, if you want to choose the best backup and recovery solution, then this might be the right pick for you!


One of the foremost things that can draw your attention to this unique data recovery software is its benefits. The benefits of data recovery software of Red Gate show exactly why it can be the ideal pick for your backup and recovery needs. Undoubtedly, the first benefit that users can get with Red Gate SQL Backup Pro software is a simplification of backups. How do you verify that Red Gate SQL Backup can simplify backup and recovery for you?

First of all, you can notice that the step-wise wizards, along with a centralized GUI, can reduce the need for efforts in creation, restoration, and verification of backups. The second most noticeable benefit of this data recovery software is the automation of the backup and backup verification processes.

In addition, it also helps in automating restorations and log shipping. The SQL Backup Pro also provides safeguards against backup failure resulting from network outages. Another striking benefit that you can notice with this software is the compression of backups. Red Gate SQL Backup offers 95% of backup compression that not only saves storage space but also helps in faster network file transfers.

The assurance of 256-bit AES encryption also provides security for your backups. Users can also find the benefit of automated verification of backups with this software. Most important of all, you can schedule regular restores which also comply with the standard benchmarks for checking database integrity. 


Actifio is one of the prominent additions among highly effective data recovery software in the present times. The backup and recovery solutions of Actifio differ considerably from legacy backup and recovery systems. The foremost benefit of Actifio is the facility of consistent, incremental backup with support for a wide assortment of enterprise applications and databases that run either in virtual machines, physical servers, or on the public cloud.

The Actifio software can help enterprises in ensuring rapid, highly scalable backup with the facility of instant data recovery. You can note that Actifio is capable of reducing backup windows and the associated influences on performance. The smaller backup windows also directly influence the RPO alongside reducing RTO from days to minutes. In addition, you have the assurance of Actifio’s unique capability for the recovery of multiple datasets instantly.

Storage of backups in native format on any storage provides assurance of production-like performance following recovery. Long-term data retention becomes easier with Actifio that can utilize low-cost cloud object storage for lowering costs. However, the most noticeable benefit of the data recovery software of Actifio is the support for leveraging any public or private cloud. 


An undoubted addition in the list of top data recovery software is Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server. The benefits that you can get from this tool account as the foremost factors to choose it. First of all, you can notice the easy-to-use interface driven by an intuitive wizard helps in simpler restoration of backups. Users don’t have to search for the database location or the location of log files in a file-level recovery session.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend time in the attachment of restored files to the SQL Server. All you have to do is select the SQL Server backup, and one-click can help you accomplish different functions. For example, you restore databases to a specific instance in time or restore to the same or different SQL Server. In addition, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server also helps in restoring SQL Server backup to the original location with a single click.

You can also use it for exporting backups to a particular location and later on, attach it with a SQL Server. Above everything else, the Enterprise Manager Web interface also simplifies the recovery of lost or deleted databases. You can use it for finding a comprehensive view of all available SQL databases. 

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The backup and data recovery software of Rubrik is one of the notable choices for achieving optimal value from your backup and recovery investments. The single policy-based solution of Rubrik provides adequate simplification of the recovery process. One of the interesting factors that separate Rubrik from the competition is the functionality of deriving insights from available data. With Rubrik, enterprises don’t have to worry anymore about the management of your backups with the assurance of data protection.

Enterprises could also reduce business downtime due to ransomware with ML-powered detection and instant recovery functionalities. The best thing about Rubrik apart from backup and recovery and security functionalities is the optimal utilization of data. Rubrik does not allow backup data to sit idle and captures insights such as data modifications, access activity, and user permissions. Rubrik utilizes the insights for addressing issues in governance, ransomware activity, cloud mobility, and data privacy regulations. 


The next addition among the best data recovery software is the Tivoli Storage Manager by IBM. The Tivoli Storage Manager gives a centralized, automated data protection system that can address concerns of data loss. In addition, the data recovery software of IBM also supports the management of compliance with data availability and retention requirements. Tivoli Storage Manager is one of the notable mentions among top data recovery solutions due to its emphasis on data protection.

It provides reliable backup and restores services along with functionalities of restoring, archiving and retrieval and migration and recalling. The policy domains defined on Tivoli Storage Manager Server help in the implementation of data protection services. Furthermore, the data recovery software of IBM provides the facility of different backup, restore and archiving operations.

Enterprises can select the ideal data protection according to the situation. The assurance of Tivoli Storage Manager Policies for storage and management of client data improve its credibility. The policies present a clear idea of rules regarding initial storage location, count of backup versions and duration of storing archive copies. Above all, the Tivoli Storage Manager interfaces allow users to work with a wide assortment of applications effortlessly. 


One of the common names that get lost in the chaos of discussions on data recovery software is Apex SQL. The foremost benefit of Apex SQL is the assurance of high-speed SQL Server Backup and restoration. Users can access a wide range of supporting tools for establishing a competent backup and recovery infrastructure.

The additional functionalities that users get with Apex SQL are backup templates, object-level recovery, recovery from transaction logs, management of log shipping and SQL Agent Jobs, custom maintenance plans, and SQL Server performance testing. The benefits of Apex SQL make it one of the trusted data recovery tools presently available in the market.

It can support a large-scale reduction in SQL Server backup and restore times along with storage costs. In addition, users can also select the best combination of CPU resource usage and the reduction of backup storage size. Furthermore, users can also choose from eight different compression levels with Apex SQL.

The centralized mechanism for defining, scheduling, and management of all backup and recovery jobs helps in saving time for management and monitoring of SQL Server backup and recovery. Enterprises could utilize Apex SQL for developing backup strategies and deploying them to multiple instances and databases within minutes. One of the striking highlights of Apex SQL is the targeted data and object recovery for maintaining databases operational. You can recover reverse DML and DDL operations or recover dropped or truncated tables for avoiding a full restore. 


The SQL Safe Backup is reliable data recovery software from Idera due to various reasons. The web-based dashboard of SQL Safe Backup offers comprehensive, hands-free, automated management of the total SQL Server backup mechanism. In addition, it also ensures comprehensive compliance with the backup and recovery policies of the enterprise.

Enterprises can view alerts regarding the environment, summary information on the environment, managed instances, and the largest and longest backups in the environment. Furthermore, the dashboard makes it easy for the creation of a policy, backup, and direct restoration. Users can create policies for automating backup, restoration, and log shipping operations.

Another interesting feature that users can notice in SQL Safe Backup is the history of operations performed by the software. Therefore, you can see the status, instance, details, backup type, database, operation, database size, compression, encryption, and actions in a particular environment. In addition, users can also view the list of all databases belonging to SQL Server instances.

Therefore, advanced compression, multi-threading technologies, and disk writing increase the backup speed considerably. The recovery functionalities of SQL Safe Backup data recovery software also establish its credibility effortlessly. You can use it for recovery of objects faster than object-level recovery as well as for recovering from all backup file types. 


The Delphix SQL Server is one of the reliable data recovery software alternatives you can find in the present times. Delphix ensures connection with SQL Server backups and syncing them with the production source, thereby developing a continuous history of data changes. The virtual copies of backups can serve the roles of real backups while providing support for replication and mirroring. Delphix also ensures guarantees for backup and recovery of virtual databases from a specific instance of time.

The best thing is that users don’t have to invest complex efforts for data recovery. Data integrity is not an issue as Delphix ensures efficient data compression alongside storing only unique blocks of data. As a result, it can effectively retain almost 30 days duration of SQL Server backups in accordance with the size of the original source database. Most important of all, Delphix also ensures tracking of changes to the minute granular level and enabling faster recovery from any instance in time. 

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Benefits of Data Recovery Tools

Now that you have taken a look at all the top data recovery software options you can choose, let us reflect on what you can gain by choosing one! The benefits of data backup and recovery tools for your business are as follows.

  • Access to lost, corrupted, and inaccessible data helps businesses prevent unwanted losses. For example, healthcare organizations can rely on data recovery solutions for the continuous availability of patient healthcare information. 
  • Data recovery software can help in recovering data from any type of storage media. Whether it is hard disk backups or direct-to-cloud backups, enterprises have the assurance of recovering all their data.               
  • Software for data recovery is a practical alternative to manual recovery that can take a considerable amount of time. Data recovery software limits the cost of human resources required for backup and recovery. In addition, the time savings could also help an organization in addressing other critical business operations. 
  • Most important of all, software for data recovery also comes with support services. Therefore, you can achieve your backup and recovery objectives effortlessly without comprehensive IT fluency.
  • Finally, the choice of modern data backup and recovery software can help in ensuring adequate safeguards for data integrity. The facility of audits in certain software can help in checking the history of operations on backups. 

Bottom Line

On a final note, we can clearly notice that data recovery software has a promising contribution to safeguarding enterprise data. The choice of software for data backup and recovery depend completely on the requirements of the business. For example, the frequency of backups and the risks faced by an organization is the foremost determinants of the backup and recovery needs.

In addition to the selection of an ideal data recovery solution, it is also important to reflect considerably on the fundamentals of data recovery. Organizations should understand that software alone isn’t enough for addressing their backup and recovery needs. On the contrary, organizations have to invest credible efforts in planning and maintaining their backup and recovery infrastructure.

So, make the right choice, stay informed, and ensure the best backup and recovery solutions for your business right now!     

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