Introduction to Azure Database Migration Service

Database management is one of the critical concerns when you are thinking of migrating to the cloud. The foremost obstacle that you would face in cloud migration is the selection of an ideal database migration service. However, have you heard of Azure Database Migration Service?

The migration of your legacy databases to the cloud can become a lot easier with the database migration service of Azure. On the contrary, many readers might wonder about the effectiveness of choosing Azure database migration as their first option.

Therefore, it is highly important for all readers to obtain a comprehensive impression of the database migration service of Azure. Reflecting on the basics of Azure’s database migration tool can help you determine its effectiveness for varying database migration needs.

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What is Azure DMS?

First of all, you need to know the definition of the Azure Database Migration Service. It is a fully managed service by Microsoft Azure for enabling seamless migration from various database sources to Azure Data platforms with limited downtime. 

So, how is Azure database migration better than other platforms? The answer to this question depends a lot on your knowledge of the Azure database migration assessment tool. The Data Migration Assistant helps in evaluating your migration requirements and creating detailed assessment reports. With the help of the assessment reports, you can clearly evaluate the prerequisites for your database migration project.

In addition, the Data Migration Assistant would also provide you helpful recommendations about required changes before starting a database migration project on Azure. As a result, you can ensure the perfect foundation for starting your Azure database migration project. 

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Another important factor that establishes the efficiency of Azure’s database migration service is the integration of functionalities of existing tools and services in Azure DMS. Therefore, you can be sure of a comprehensive and highly available solution with Azure DMS. 

As evident from above, Azure Database Migration Service takes care of a major share of the initial planning and strategy. After you have established the prerequisites to fulfill before starting a database migration project, you can use the Data Migration Assistant recommendations to introduce the necessary changes. Take your time to decide whether you are ready for the migration or not.

Once you are ready to start, Azure DMS would take care of all the required steps for you. You can initiate migration projects and forget about them with the assurance of Microsoft Azure. Azure DMS follows all the best practices outlined by Microsoft for database migration to the cloud. Therefore, you get the much-needed peace of mind by choosing Azure’s database migration service. 

Reasons for Choosing Azure DMS

Now, let us take a look at the different reasons for which Azure Database Migration Service is your best option. 

  • Simplicity in the Migration Process

The first reason for choosing Azure DMS is that it simplifies database migration, as evident in the above-mentioned information. The database-sensitive migration and easily understandable migration processes establish the effectiveness of Azure DMS effectively.

Furthermore, you can receive helpful support for Azure SQL migration as Azure DMS supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL migration to Azure. The ease of migration would also be supported with the high resiliency and self-healing functionalities of Azure DMS. 

  • No Downtime

You can ensure migration of your database and server objects such as agent jobs, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages and user accounts at one go with ease. The best thing is that you don’t have to experience any downtime during the migration process.

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  • Automating Migrations for Ease and Flexibility

Azure Database Migration Service also helps you in the automation of your database migrations. You can save time as well as effort through automating your migration to Azure with the help of PowerShell. Azure DMS works with PowerShell commandlets for automatic migration of a list of databases.

  • Easy Two-Step Migration

Most important of all, you can achieve database migration with Azure DMS in just two steps without worrying about complexities. The first step refers to the use of Azure Migrate for discovering your on-premises data infrastructure.

Then, you can use the Data Migration Assistant for evaluating your readiness for migration process. In addition, you can find best recommendations for ideal targets for the migration. In the second step, you can use the DMS for transferring your on-premises databases to Azure. 

  • In-Built Security and Compliance

Finally, the most noticeable factor in Azure Database Migration Service is the facility of comprehensive in-built security and compliance. The annual investments of Microsoft in cybersecurity research and development exceed $1 billion USD.

In addition, Azure provides additional compliance certifications in comparison to other cloud providers. Furthermore, Microsoft also employs over 3500 security experts working dedicatedly for data security and privacy. 

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Are You Ready to Use Azure DMS?

So, you can clearly notice that Azure’s Database Migration Service is a promising alternative for shifting your on-premises databases to the cloud. However, you should also focus on another important factor before finalizing your decision.

The Azure database migration service pricing plays a very crucial role in determining the feasibility of Azure DMS as a reasonable choice. You can find two different pricing options, such as the Standard tier and the Premium tier. The Standard tier is available for free, albeit with some limitations. On the other hand, the Premium tier is available for free for six months from the date of service creation.

Make the choice wisely and leverage the optimum potential of Azure DMS right now!

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